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July29th, 2020

News Update
Dear Ann,

Face2Face Clubs
I promised an update on this situation since the last newsletter just 2 weeks ago and happy to report that we have moved rapidly into the test phase of our provision of dedicated F2F Virtual Club Rooms.

Our new London  Datacentre, has been created just for this purpose and  is live with a test server is already connected.  Our first test, with a real club and their members is taking place this thursday in the 7pm Session slot.

As part of the development we are fortunate to have Victor Lesk of BrianBridge working alongside us to create the Results file interface to the USEBIO format - suitable for BridgeWebs, Pianola, BridgeCloud and other Bridge Results services. As many clubs already use these it will therefore become an simple extension of their face2face sessions before CV.

Once our initial tests have completed successfully, we will roll out multiple servers to provide up to 560 individual Virtual Bridge Club Sessions per week. Many more can be accommodated as each server can handle over 1500 members of a club at the same time so there is never a capacity issue in any way shape or form! I am not sure how many clubs are larger than that?! Reservations for Session Slots will open only when we have completed our testing.

So, rather than a lengthy description here, a special webpage summarises everything about this new feature. This page will be the ongoing resource for information and related links.

NeXTGen Upgrades
Released recently is the ability to name and password protect a table in the Social Room. For those unfamiliar with this feature, look in the SOCIAL room at the TOP LEFT of the List of Tables in the Room and you will see a Link "Options" where you can select the NAME of your table and OPTIONALLY choose to password protect it - useful when you are waiting for others you know to join you.

kind regards,
Nick Justice
Nick Justice
Managing Director
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